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As the Covid-19 outbreak has rallied our strength, spirit and increased awareness of personal /environmental cleanliness. We wish for all of you to remain well & vigilant in your clean practices with safe products.

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Phytotanics Herbothecary

CustomFusion & NaturlGanics


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Product Philosophy

Our company is continually growing and changing in order to provide you with pure therapeutic products. With so many fads, gimmicks and unscrupulous business practices in todays world it is easy to be confused & misguided. While there are numerous "Natural" products available, most formulas actually contain potentially harmful chemicals. We promise only to use responsibly sources ingredients and techniques which have proven success over the long term, based on fact, not hype. By doing this we have gained the trust and loyalty of innumerable clients over the past 28 years. We hope that you will expect nothing less of any product manufacturer and professional practice.

Product Packaging

The Phytotanics Line is packaged with as little waste as possible. USA  made recyclable glass bottles are used without excess labeling or boxes to minimize production and use impact. We only use plastic containers when a glass option is not available and have taken the No Plastic Pledge in our production, personal lives and shipping. Biodegradable packing peanuts are used during packing and we try to batch ship when possible. Free Local delivery is available in the Tampa area.

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More and more people are seeking the benefits of alternative and holistic healing... Start your journey with Us today.

Encourage Your Skin to Look its Very Best. We only supply you with the finest quality holistic products. The Phytotanics product lines are exclusively created by a Licensed Aesthetician, Certified Aromatherapist, Skin Care Chemist & Naturalpathic Specialist. Extensive study in Biology & Herbology allows us to craft artisan batches utilizing Natural and Certified Organic ingredients infused with Energy Crystals to align with our Wellness Philosophy.

We believe our concept of "Finished", "Semi-Custom", "Custom" and "Raw" products offer you the opportunity to benefit from a variety of ingredients to suit your individual and changing needs.

"Mother Nature is the pre-eminent chemist. I have listened and learned from her over the decades. Our herbal product line has been developed through personal use and clinical practice in the professional spa and health industry and is now available to you with the same care and personal service. I am not new to this practice, nor have I jumped on the 'Organic" band wagon just because Natural products, Wellness lifestyle and Essential Oils have gained much press and popularity. As a Spa Owner/Operator, Skin/Product Educator, Author & Chemist this has been my passion and way of life, personally and professionally, for nearly 30 years. Call me and I will be happy to discuss what is best suited for your total wellbeing."

- K.M. Kuecha



Testimonial from our client

"... my son has struggled with terrible acne lesions for many years....his acne has made such significant improvements since using her products it is AMAZING. And they are Natural."

- Beth T (Boca Raton, FL)

Testimonial from our client

"Krystine creates custom formulas not only during her skin care treatments, but I love that she will make a custom product for you to take home as well."

- Fran B (Tampa, FL)


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SeaMist is Chock Full of Minerals

The benefits of the ocean abound and our SeaMist harnesses just a touch of them for you to use at home.


The Phytotanics product line is formulated using many sustainable practices. From Fair-Trade ingredient sourcing to minimal USA made packaging we strive to reduce our impact on the planet while providing you with the best products.


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