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"CUSTOM" Formulations & "RAW" Ingredients

Custom Formulations

Buy RAW Ingredients and Use our recipes to make your own products for yourself or as special gifts.

Custom Formulations

Custom Formulation gives you just what you need and saves you money because it is created in small quantity you can change as your needs change.

Custom Formulations

Our "RAW" Ingredients are Sustainably Soured. Packaged and shipped with minimal planet impact.

Custom Formulations

We Formulate a Variety of Products for Fido and Fluffy Too.

Meow - Woof Woof

"RAW" Ingredients

Sulfate-free Gel Cleanser

Scent, Sulfate and Paraben-free mild skin and hair wash with medium foaming action. Neutral scent. 16oz 32oz

Organic Castile Soap

Pure, multi-use cleanser. Naturally scented. 16oz 32oz

Rassoul Clay

Natural cleansing clay for cleansers and masks

Kaolin Clay

Natural cleansing clay for cleansers and masks

Aloe Gel

Organic Aloe gel may be use right from the jar or as a base for creams and masks

Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea, for use as an onti-oxidant rich skin scrub or added to masking base to fortify skin

Jojoba Oil

Organic Jojoba Oil as base carrier oils blended with our Pure Essential Oils or Synergies or used as a neutral massage oil

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